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Onsite Paintless Dent Removal was established in 2016. Owner and operator, Michael Ziemba has 10 years experience in the trade working on vehicles in both wholesale and retail environments.
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What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Removal is the best method for removing dings, dents, hail damage and even larger dents from your vehicle. Unlike Conventional Autobody, PDR does not require body filler or repainting the surface. We use specialized tools to message the metal from behind the panel slowly raising the damage until it is back to the original shape. This is a major benefit because repainting ALWAYS depreciates a vehicles value and is not as durable as the original factory finish. The average repair time is around an hour, larger jobs can usually be repaired same day.

Will my dents be 100% gone?

Most damage can be completely removed, however there are limiting factors which can be addressed during our onsite inspection / estimate.

What are the benefits of PDR?

The benefits of PDR are the factory finish on your vehicle remains: No grinding, no fillers or primers are needed because your original factory paint isn’t altered.

Will my dents come back after the PDR service?

Absolutely not, PDR is a lifetime repair for the particular service done.

How is PDR done?

We reshape the metal from behind the panel using bars and rods, restoring the dent to its factory condition.

What is the cost of PDR?

Most damage can be repaired for less than an insurance deductible.

How long does the PDR service take?

Most jobs can be repaired in under an hour.

Can all types of dents be repaired?

No. Limiting factors are deep dents, dents near the edges of panels, type of metal, sharp creases and damage located under braces.

What size dents can be repaired with PDR?

PDR generally repairs small dings and dents, however PDR can be applied to much larger damage.